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A 7-Day Greek Wine Adventure

May 12-19 Peloponnese, Greece

Vines Less Traveled

Join us for an off-the-beaten-path exploration of Greek grapes and the mysterious wines they’ve nurtured through the ages. Whether you’re a rookie or an aficionado, this week-long journey will introduce you to a world where ancient traditions come alive in every glass.

Winding through the Peloponnese, we’ll visit three award-winning vineyards, each with their own varietals and styles. From hilltop villages to historic port towns, we’ll get to know the locals, share homemade food, and indulge in simple pleasures—laughter, camaraderie, and the pure flavors of this sun-soaked soil.

Of course, we’ll open bottles. Lots of bottles. By the end, you’ll be saying Agiorgitiko three times fast.

Why Greek Wine?

Sure, Napa is great. And who would complain about Burgundy? But none of these places capture what’s so special about a wine experience in Greece.

Greek wine is a true vintage. For over 6000 years, wine has been cultivated by hand, stomped by foot, and enjoyed in every home. Always organic, clean and with no sugar added. Today, Greece’s indigenous varieties are a portal to rich tradition and land, where every sip tells a story.


In Greece, food is not simply paired with wine, but often the reason to drink wine in the first place. Cheeses dried in the salty breeze, breads made by our hands, fresh fish and slow-roasted meat will all fill our table between glasses.

Greek wine transcends, turning strangers into friends. It’s the perfect excuse (do we need an excuse?) to unwind, joke, tell stories, or swirl for hours.

Meet Evan

Leading you through all of this magic is Evan Turner, award-winning wine director of Krasi of Boston and Bar Vlaha of Brookline. In addition to leading the second-largest Greek wine list in the country, he is an exceptional storyteller. Evan could geek out on pneumatic pressures, but we love him for his inclusive, engaging and downright hilarious approach to the world of wine.

Want a vibe check? Read his engaging and unconventional thoughts on Greek wine here.


Our week together is thoughtfully designed to kickstart both appetite and conversation. We’ll get acclimated in Athens before road-tripping to our homebase for the week — the charming coastal town of Nafplio. The highlight, of course, will be visiting three distinct vineyards where you can shop and send wines back home. Our laid-back approach to learning will let everyone go at their own pace. We’ll taste seriously good wine without taking ourselves too seriously.

Day 1:

Athens greets you with its buzzing streets and lively spirit. We’ll gather under the golden light of the Acropolis for a welcome toast and dinner before walking / sleeping / drinking the jet lag away. Yiamas!

Day 2:

We’ll wind through rugged hills, idyllic villages and make a pit stop at the epic Corinth Canal, landing in Nafplio which we’ll call home for the week. After checking into our hotel, we’ll take a stroll to get acquainted with the place, then cap off the night with dinner.

Day 3:

Today, we’ll head to the village of Ano Diakopto where we’ll visit Tetramythos, a bio-winery run by a dedicated brother duo. We’ll try their interpretation of Retsina, alongside Malagousia and their spin on the Pet Nat. We’ll have lunch on the vineyard with the winemakers, where they can tell us how they rescued local grapes from extinction. The day will wrap in Nafplio with a group dinner.

Day 4:

We’ll wind our way through more Peloponnesian hillsides and plateaus, taking in the aromas of herbs and sea air along the way. Tselepos Winery is our destination today, in Mantinia. Here, we’ll wander through the vineyards, taste the wines, and indulge in a lunch with the winemakers, where we’ll learn about how the founder, Yiannis, and his family are pioneers in establishing the Moschofilero grape. The day will end back in Nafplio with a choose your own adventure — sightseeing, shopping, resting, whatever you’re feeling.

Day 5:

Today, we’ll head out to our final vineyard tour in Argolida, at Domaine Skouras, a powerhouse of Greek winemaking. We’ll have a chance to taste their specialties over a lunch on the property. The signature Megas Oenos as well as Portes Merlot and Salto will surprise you. We’ll cap the night with a group dinner back in Nafplio, taking in all of the seaside charm on our last night there.

Day 6:

Time to take our new vocabulary, (excuse me, “mesoclimate”) back to Athens, where the afternoon is open to explore. We highly recommend strolling through the postcard-perfect neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki. We came as strangers, but we’re leaving as friends. That’s the Oinos way.

Day 7:

Catch some rest on your journey back home, or continue exploring Greece and the wondrous wines it has to offer. The bottles of wine you sent home will help you continue your journey of discovering Greek wines. And if you want more, you’ll find us at Krasi and Bar Vlaha in Boston, MA.

Home for the week

King Othon, a boutique hotel in the heart of Nafplio.

Private and shared rooms are available.


“$3,500 USD for 6 days and 7 nights of accommodation, food, drinks, and tours and tastings at 3 wineries. $1,750 non-refundable deposit required upon booking, with the remaining payment due on or before April 12, 2024. A signed booking form is required upon booking. You can find that here along with Terms and Conditions.


Through this link here.

May 12-19. Please plan to arrive in Athens, Greece on May 12th and depart from Athens on May 19th. If you would like to extend your trip past our experience, you are more than welcomed to at your own expense. We are happy to help with any recommendations.

Round trip transfer between Athens – Nafplio, transfer to 3 wineries, accommodation for 7 nights (2 Athens and 5 Nafplio), daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, tours and tastings at 3 wineries, and last not least, a group of like-minded people who will become your friends 🙂

Flight to Greece and travel insurance. However, our team is here to help! You can reach us at oinos@xeniagreekhospitality.com

Comfortable walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, a camera, seasonably appropriate clothing. The Peloponnesos can be a little unpredictable in May, a cool and rainy day is not out of the question. So along with shorts and T-shirts, a set of long pants and a light jacket is not a bad idea.
Yes! Wineries will have bottles available for purchase. For U.S. Citizens, additional details on customs laws and regulations can be found here.

No, Greeks love when people make an effort but it is not required.

Most places accept credit card, but we recommend having 50EU per day on hand for any spontaneous discoveries like street-side shops.

Each day is created around all things Greek wine. From winery visits to communal dinners, our days and bodies will be full of love, laughter, and of course, wine. For a look into an average day, please see a sample itinerary, here.

For a detailed overview of our payment, refund, and cancellation policy, please visit here, or contact our team at oinos@xeniagreekhospitality.com.

Reach out to us at oinos@xeniagreekhospitality.com for more details.