ancient Greek concept
of hospitality

At Xenia Greek Hospitality, we are inspired by the ancient Greek concept which is built on guest-friendship. Today, we often forget how important not only the food being served is, but most importantly how it is being served. With a single visit to any of our concepts, you can experience the highest level of hospitality, with care and attention to all our guests, so you feel welcomed in our home. 


Xenia Greek Hospitality provides a special experience that can be felt with a single visit. We have a strong focus on authentic and regional Greek cuisine as well as modern approaches. Our culinary team creates authentic and original ideas in creating a modern Greek philosophy of cooking. Our concepts also have a strong focus on Greek wine and spirits as well as original recipes in our craft cocktail bars. The approach to our philosophy is based on authentic experiences with traditional foods and recipes along with social enjoyment of dining and drinking. We aim to create an engaging, cultural gastronomic experience. Our talent as a team is evident in our passion in the kitchen, creativity behind the bar and our elevated level of service on the floor. Our approach makes everyone feel like family.

What our clients say

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Edmond Keyes - Graphic Designer

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Myles Runte - Creative Director

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Norma Brooks - CEO