Our Mission

Our concepts provide guests with enticing cultural experiences, combining an intimate-yet natural atmosphere with authentic and unique food and drinks. The mission is to offer a superior sensory experience; customer satisfaction is our paramount objective and turning our guests into friends is the Xenia mission. We will offer cooking classes, wine dinners and private dining opportunities beyond our concepts that will help us build our own guest base, creating myriad opportunities for guest engagement. At Xenia, turning strangers into friends is our top priority.

Employee welfare, participation and training are equally important to our success. We will focus on an often-overlooked element of the food and beverage industry: company culture. With a strong attention to staff training and fulfillment, we will provide kind, genuine, intelligent service. Staff members will be provided with opportunities for upward mobility and career enrichment. Xenia also encourages team wide integration and fosters core values including diversity and cultural representation. Put forth by the Greek gods, the Greek laws of ‘xenia’ demanded hospitality, kindness and generosity were extended to a stranger no matter social class or background to create a special bond stronger than friendship. That is the core value and mission of Xenia Greek Hospitality.

Open, respectful communication between staff and management will be at the center of the company philosophy and contribute to positive company culture. Our guests will benefit from this service – the result of the service staff’s sense of responsibility in the company’s success and our staff will be models of industry excellence, both on and off the floor.

Our community and neighborhood are just as important to our success. We will continue to be active in our community through fundraising efforts, organized volunteer efforts and neighborhood support.