Public Alley 443
Boston, MA 02115



Before Morgan le Fay held sway over King Arthur or Severus Snape created Veritaserum, there was Hecate. Her potion making has traveled down the ages as legend, and this new realm honors her intellect and power. Hecate is a gatekeeper, protecting those who need safe passage from the dark to the light. This bar is dedicated in her name and the spirit guides provide passage to a modern world of elixirs.

Hecate is a 24-seat European style cocktail bar from the team behind Krasi. Owners Demetri Tsolakis, Stefanos Ougrinis, Tasha Breshinsky and Kayla Padilla have conjured up a new realm with Beverage Directors Aliz Meszesi and Lou Charbonneau. The subterranean space celebrates the underworld, and is encapsulated in stone and adorned with a single source of light alongside the flickering elements of fire. Upon entering the cocktail bar, guests are greeted at The Threshold, one of the many entranceways where Hecate often resided, and where they can choose from a trinity of Sippers to stimulate their senses for what lies ahead. Beyond the initial passage, an 8-seat bar is the focal point where Hecate’s spirit guides transcend all boundaries
with Rites + Rituals (10 signature cocktails), Dry Spells (3 nonalcoholic beverages) and
Fermented Grains (3 beers, 3 Greek wines). Krasi’s Executive Chef Valentine Howell pays
homage to the goddess with a selection of Offerings (6 bar snacks).

By her very nature, Hecate is shrouded in mystery. The names of the Rites & Rituals hail from the occult with builds for the drinks based on cultural heritages spanning the globe. Rare and unique spirits are one of the many gifts bestowed upon guests with the caveat that Hecate does not offer something for everyone, Hecate offers something for everyone who wants to experience that which they have not beckoned before.